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    Check out the thyme at the Labyrinth! Photos by Brenda Forsey



A trip to the labyrinth with a camera would be well worth your while.

The Mother of Thyme is in bloom and the colours are spectacular!

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   W.O. Mitchell students commune and learn with nature

On Monday, June 9, a large group of 52 Grade Two and Three students left their classrooms and communed with nature by touring the Botanical Gardens and Birthplace Forest trails.

These W.O. Mitchell elementary students were accompanied by 3 teachers and 10 parent volunteers.

According to lead teacher Cynthia Engelbracht, one purpose of this field trip was to "appreciate our community and volunteer efforts put into the gardens."

Students, teachers and volunteers returned to the Gardens on Monday, June 23rd to learn more about the Labyrinth.

They were met there by Labyrinth Facilitator, Karen Yuen, who told them
stories and interesting facts about the history of labyrinths. She also led  them on a guided walk on the amazing thyme enclustered path.

Students learned that to walk the path properly, it is important to be silently mindful - and they were!!!

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   They come from all around to walk the Gardens!

Scenic Acres Walking Group

June 11, 2014: It was a busy day in the Botanical Gardens and BirthPlace Forest.

A large walking group from the Winter Club paid a visit and were soon followed by a walking club based in Scenic Acres. This group chooses a different location every Wednesday.

We are honored that they would choose us for their weekly get-together.

Thank you Lucy Y. for recommending this area to this group.

   Rundle Academy Student Volunteers spread mulch!

May 23, 2014:
This enthusiastic group of ten Grade Seven students from Rundle Academy joined in to spread a full load of chipped mulch onto the trailways of the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs Birth Place Forest.

This is the second year that a group of students from Rundle Academy have participated in this volunteer project.

Following this task they were rewarded with barbequed hotdogs, pop and donuts up at our patio.

We appreciate their contribution and look forward to having them back again next year.

Thanks to teachers, Kelly and Brad for supervising and arranging this outing through Supervisor Elizabeth Whiting.

For photos of last year's volunteer day project
click here.


Off-leash dog walkers express their concerns

Websites that Feature the Botanical Gardens

Recently, we received letters of concern from a group of off-leash dog owners. They made it know to us that they were not happy with the increasing development of garden areas and the presence of structures in the Birthplace Forest off-leash area.

We were aware of these concerns and as a result, we decided last year that we would not be developing any new garden areas. This was announced as part of our 2014 - 2016 Development Plan which was submitted last January.

On Wednesday, May 28, we met with members of this off-leash dog owners group, a City Parks representative, Silver Springs Association President, Jeremy Gukert and other community residents to discuss the issue.

At this meeting, we reconfirmed that we will not be developing new garden beds or building more structures in that area. Much of the discussion centered around perceptions of what an-off leash area is and what the responsibilities are of dog walkers in such areas.

To read more about off-leash areas and what the bylaws require of dog walkers, click here.

To read the Silver Springs Community Association Board of Directors' position on the issue, click here.

We recently did a vanity Google search on the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens and were pleasantly surprised by the large number of websites that have feature stories or blogs complimenting our Gardens and Birthplace Forest.

Here are just a few of the many. Click on picture to be taken to the sites.





For more of these webpages, click here.


Botanical Gardens enters new chapter in history

As of November 2013, the Botanical Gardens volunteer group are officially a Province of Alberta registered “Society.”

The first annual general meeting of the newly formed Silver Springs Botanical Gardens Society was held on January 15, 2014 at the Silver Springs Community Centre.

May 4, 2014:
A Jane’s Walk was held in Silver Springs on May 4, 2014 amid a late Spring snow squall.

Fortunately, that didn’t keep people from participating in this yearly event.

The walk was guided by Duncan Badger, Bev Badger and Laurel Caddel taking us through the Birth Forest and Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs.

This 3 km loop walk took approximately one and a half hours on snow covered pathways on a very chilly day.

We were accompanied by people from various communities throughout the City and for several people, it was their first visit to the area.

Many expressed an interest on returning again in the summer months to be able to enjoy the walk, view the gardens and take in all there is to offer.


          Click here for more info on Jane's Walk


Fall 2013 Photos

Labyrinth featured in Motivated by Nature Blog

Our official photographer, Brenda Forsey, was very busy last year capturing unforgettable images of the glorious gardens and paths.

Click above for gallery and map of the Gardens

What a skyline!
Click on picture for larger view.

October 23, 2013: We receive many notes of thanks and praise from people who visit our Gardens and Forest Paths. Too many to print all.

However, we were quite taken with the following note written by Susanne Heaton who is an author and inspirational speaker. She recently visited our Labyrinth and wrote a blog about her experience.


To read the complete blog, click here.

    Fabulous Flower Fotos by Brenda Forsey


Click on above images to view video montages
of the gardens taken in late spring and mid July
and of special presentations featuring the Rose Garden and Peony beds.


We get letters - and we welcome them!

Hi There:
I am a resident of Silver Springs and recently walked along the entire length of the gardens starting up by the LDS church and working my way down to the oval garden.

I was completely blown away with the beauty and extent of the various gardens! Although I have lived in Silver Springs for the past 4 years, I had somehow never seen more than the oval gardens (unbelievable, I know).

I felt compelled to write to you to express my admiration for the hard work which has surely gone into this massive project. This must be one of the very best gardens in all of Calgary and it is wonderful that its enjoyment is made possible by your group of volunteers.

Thank you very much for your work and I can't wait to show it off to friends and family.

                  Arthur Kupper

Thank you for the garden:

Today I made my second visit to your gardens. The first was mid-September last year. I am awed by the beauty and the dedication of volunteers to create and maintain these gardens.

A beautiful area used by a variety of folks – walkers, cyclists, dog owners, gardeners, those looking for a space to meditate (love the labyrinth).

I sincerely hope your community can maintain this area for the enjoyment of all.

I am hoping to share this area with my Crown Jewels group the first week of June and I am so pleased we can park quite close as a few of the ladies are in their 80s.

I plan to be back for a few visits this summer and I tell lots of people about the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens.

Keep up the awesome area – such variety!!

                Linda Saunders

Bouquets to just a few of our many friends and volunteers

It would be an understatement to say that the Botanical Gardens in Silver Springs are anything but spectacular!

It should be also recognized that the ongoing continuing efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers have made the long term success of this garden project possible.

With not much more than thirty active volunteers, we have created the largest and most unique gardens in all of Calgary.

Our thanks go out to each and every one of our regular volunteers who toil happily  at planting and watering and weeding and pruning and proving that flowers can brighten one's day and make the community a better and more beautiful place for all.


Thank you Church of Latter-Day Saints volunteers

We are so grateful for the continuing support and efforts of our great neighbours - members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

A number of young people - Elders on a Mission continue to do so much for us - from weeding to raking leaves to spreading mulch and ... the list goes on.

If you see any really young men and women working in the gardens, make sure to stop and say howdy and thank you!

Elders Church, Owen, Burns and Ritter
from Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Knoxville.

Teens take time to enjoy Wall Garden

Volunteers needed!

On any given day, hundreds of people visit the gardens to enjoy the flowers the trees the paths and of course the wall.

What better perch is there to view downtown Calgary than atop our very own Wall Garden!


Laurel and Duncan are still looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.
No experience or green thumb necessary.

If you would like to help, contact
    Laurel    at    (403) 288 4652   or
    Duncan at  (403) 286 9631.


Thanks to all the unknown heroes and secret volunteers

Besides our dedicated core of hard-working volunteers, there are a number of other people who should also be acknowledged for contributing to the quality of the gardens.

Friendly neighbour cutting the grass

Also to those who stop and pick up garbage that occasionally makes its way into the area.

We should also be grateful to the individuals who pick up after their dogs and a special thanks to those who pick up other people's doggie-doo.
Nothing can ruin a pleasant walk through the gardens faster than stepping into Rover's number two.

A sincere thank you to all who have in their own way contributed to the beauty of the Gardens.


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