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The Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs
were created and continue to be maintained
by community volunteers.

Since the Gardens and forest areas are located
in a City of Calgary park,
are open to the general public
just like all other city parks.


There is no admission fee but we do appreciate
your support through donations
and letters of appreciation.



Our Facebook page is up and running -
thanks to volunteer and Gardens enthusiast
Kelly Heintz!  

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Laurel and Duncan are still looking for volunteers
to help with a variety of tasks.
No experience or green thumb necessary.

If you would like to help, contact
    Laurel at          (403) 288 4652   or
Duncan at      (403) 286 9631.


What's New?

   Dog walkers start a petition to stop Gardens Growth

It has not been a Happy New Year so far for Garden volunteers and supporters.

A group of dog walkers has started an on-line petition to stop the growth and development of the Botanical Gardens.

The major premise or justification for this petition is that the BirthPlace Forest and Gardens are located in their "Dog Park" and that we should not be infringing on their space.

A 30 second Google search will reveal that there is no such thing as a "dog only park" in Calgary.

Check out this City of Calgary document that emphasizes that off-leash parks are "multi-use areas."

Furthermore, the off-leash bylaws define a Park as:

"a public space controlled by The City and set aside as a park to be used by the public for rest, recreation, exercise, pleasure, amusement, and enjoyment."

We have already dealt with this issue at length with the Off-leash Group and on our website.

Rather than repeat ourselves,

please read what has already been said about off-leash areas and what the bylaws require of dog walkers.

The Silver Springs Community Association Board has also made a clear unequivocal statement that reiterates that dog walkers have no special privileges or priorities in City Parks designated as off-leash areas.

To read the Silver Springs Community Association Board of Directors' position on the issue, click here.

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Birthplace Forest for so many reasons.
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